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CHRIS LONSDALE has lived and worked in Asia for a quarter-century. After
studying psychology in New Zealand, where he spent the first 20 years of his life,
he travelled to Beijing just after China opened to the West. An initial fascination
with Chinese language and culture took him on an adventure that included travels
all over China, intensive study in the Chinese martial arts, physical injury, and a
subsequent reevaluation of life’s priorities.
From China Chris moved to Hong Kong, which has been his base for the past 20
years. He currently runs his own business as a senior leadership coach and
organisational advisor. This work takes him to many parts of the world, and gives
him a privileged position to observe and influence some of the more complex
problems faced by people in organisations. In the last 25 years Chris has visited
places as diverse as the southern forests of India, the North Pole, and some of the
world’s most important industrial and financia

China/Chris/years/Chinese/life/world/organisations./people/faced/ancia/ China/Chris/years/Chinese/life/world/organisations./people/faced/ancia/
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