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ONOS: Towards an Open, Distributed SDN OS
Pankaj Berde†, Matteo Gerola‡, Jonathan Hart†, Yuta Higuchi§,
Masayoshi Kobayashi§, Toshio Koide§, Bob Lantz†,
Brian O’Connor†, Pavlin Radoslavov†, William Snow†, Guru Parulkar†
†Open Networking Laboratory, USA §NEC Corporation of America, USA ‡Create-Net, Italy
We present our experiences to date building ONOS (Open
Network Operating System), an experimental distributed
SDN control platform motivated by the performance, scal-
ability, and availability requirements of large operator net-
works. We describe and evaluate two ONOS prototypes.
The first version implemented core features: a distributed,
but logically centralized, global network view; scale-out; and
fault tolerance. The second version focused on improving
performance. Based on experience with these prototypes, we
identify additional steps that will be required for ONOS to
support use cases such as core network traffic engineering
and scheduling, and to become

ONOS/version/distributed/core/net/work/ing/USA/improvingperformance/focused/ ONOS/version/distributed/core/net/work/ing/USA/improvingperformance/focused/
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